August 2016

DTF Grants Additional Support for Privacy and Safety Advocacy The Digital Trust Foundation was charged to disburse $6,700,000 to support efforts in privacy and online safety. We have granted over $6,200,000 of this money and have a small percentage left. Our Board recently voted unanimously to divide $300,000 of the remaining funds evenly among 12 existing grantees working on privacy and online safety. This decision was based upon performance in executing an existing DTF grant, quality of work, and established reputation in the privacy/security area. Center for Democracy & Technology 25,000.00 Center for Digital Democracy 25,000.00 Consumer Federation of America…Read more

June 2015 Update #2

The Digital Trust Foundation board of directors has now made grants in four program areas: (1) Privacy Education for Youth; (2) Understanding Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security; (3) Assessing, Preventing, and Addressing Digital Abuse; (4) General Funding for Promotion of Online Privacy, Safety, and Security. As of today, we have announced the grantees in three of the four program areas. Check out our latest announcement and read the project descriptions from these grantees. We will be sending out our grant decisions for the Digital Abuse program area this week. In July…Read more

June 2015 Update

It’s been awhile since we last had an update. Here’s a quick summary of the last few months at the Digital Trust Foundation: We announced the grantees from our first round of grant-making in March. We opened and closed two more requests for proposals in our Understanding Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security and Assessing, Preventing, and Addressing Digital Abuse program areas. We notified the applicants to the Understanding Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security of our grant decisions in mid-May. We wrapped up work on the Foundation’s evaluation plan, and…Read more

January 2015 Update

After careful deliberation, the Digital Trust Foundation board of directors has made funding decisions for our Privacy Education for Youth and General Funding program areas (see last month's post for a summary of the applications we received). On January 28, 2015, we sent out decision letters to all of the applicants in these two program areas. If you applied for a grant in these areas and did not receive a decision e-mail, please contact us at proposals [at] digitaltrustfoundation [dot] com. We will be working with our first round of grantees to launch…Read more

December 2014 Update

Earlier this month, we closed our first funding cycle and began reviewing proposals. We received many strong proposals, which speaks to the great work happening in the online privacy, safety, and security fields. Not surprisingly, we received requests for funding that far exceed our grant-making capacity, and, inevitably, we will have to turn down great ideas. Here is a summary of the proposals we received in this first round of funding: Privacy Education for Youth | Total Funding Available: $1,000,000 Strategy # of Proposals Received Total Requests for Funding 1.1 – Implementation & Assessment…Read more

October 2014 Update

We released our first two requests for proposals last Friday. The official announcement is below. You can also check out board member Larry Magid's Huffington Post piece announcing the RFPs. Be sure to review the RFPs carefully, noting the deadlines, eligible entities, and eligible activities. Check back here regularly for updates to the FAQ page. We look forward to reviewing your letters of interest and proposals! Digital Trust Foundation Releases RFPs for $3.2 Million in Online Privacy Funding The Digital Trust Foundation is pleased to release its first two requests for proposals that will…Read more

September 2014 Update

Over the last few months, the Digital Trust Foundation board and I have been refining the Foundation’s funding goals and preparing to launch the first funding cycle in the fall. The details are settled enough that we are ready to share dates and an overview of the program areas that the Foundation plans to fund. Program Areas The Foundation's board of directors has approved the following program areas. We will release much more information—including the rationale behind each program area, the total funding allocation for each program area, and detailed explanations of eligible…Read more

June/July 2014 Update

One of the goals that I have heard loud and clear from the Digital Trust Foundation (DTF) board is to set up a transparent and accountable grant-making process. In May and June, the board took steps to implement that goal by adopting a conflict of interest policy and deciding to hire an evaluator. Conflict of Interest Policy Adopting a conflict of interest policy is standard practice for foundations and other charitable organizations. These policies promote transparency by providing a process for employees and leadership to declare and consider actual or perceived conflicts of interest…Read more

May 2014 Update

Welcome to the new Digital Trust Foundation website. We will use this website to provide updates on the grant-making process, post requests for proposals, and accept grant proposals.  Who am I? This blog and website will be updated by Christine Fry. I am the newly-hired senior philanthropic advisor or, as other foundations might call this role, the foundation's program officer. My job is to implement the funding priorities of the foundation's board of directors. My background is in non-profit management and policy analysis. I look forward to working with the board, potential grantees,…Read more