As of July 2015, the Digital Trust Foundation completed all of our grant-making. The Foundation made 38 grants, totaling $6 million, in four program areas. Follow the links below for summaries of the program areas, strategies, and funded projects.

First Funding Cycle Press Release – March 25, 2015

Understanding Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security Research Press Release – June 24, 2015

Assessing, Preventing and Addressing Digital Abuse Press Release July 23, 2015

Program Area 1: Privacy Education for Youth
Number of Grants: 11
Total Amount: $1.3 million

Strategy 1.1: Implementation & Assessment of Online Privacy Education Programs

Strategy 1.2: Online Privacy Campaigns for Youth

Strategy 1.3: Online Privacy Messaging Best Practices White Paper

Program Area 2: Understanding Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security
Number of Grants: 6
Total Amount: $1.7 million

Strategy 2.1: Research into the Privacy Experiences of Low-SES Populations

Strategy 2.2: Providing Online Privacy and Security Services and Information to Low-SES People – No grants awarded.

Strategy 2.3: Journalism Fellowship Focused on Socioeconomic Status and Online Privacy and Security

Program Area 3: Assessing, Preventing, and Addressing Digital Abuse
Number of Grants: 9
Total Amount: $1.6 million

Strategy 3.1: Understanding Digital Abuse Prevalence

Strategy 3.2: Understanding Digital Abuse Prevention

Strategy 3.3: Supporting Digital Abuse Victims

Program Area 4: General Funding for Promotion of Online Privacy, Safety, and Security
Number of Grants: 12
Total Amount: $1.4 million

Program Area 4 Project Summaries