Request for Proposals


Proposal Deadline: November 21, 2014, by 11:59 PM PT

The Digital Trust Foundation is no longer accepting applications for funding in this program area.

Summary of Request for Proposals

The Beacon settlement agreement directed the Digital Trust Foundation to invest in educating Internet users on how to protect themselves and their information from online threats. The Foundation intends to invest $1,000,000 to fund privacy education projects focused on young people residing in the United States. We anticipate entertaining proposals for projects of various sizes, with budgets in the range of $50,000 and $200,000. Exceptional projects with budgets outside this range may be considered.

The Foundation invites proposals for one of three strategies:

1. Implementation and assessment of privacy education programs for youth

2. Development and implementation of privacy education media campaigns for youth

3. Development of a privacy messaging best practices white paper

Read more about these strategies in the Request for Proposals

Key Dates

November 21, 2014: Full proposals due.

Late November/Early December 2014: The program officer may send follow-up questions to some applicants about proposals, budgets, or organization finances.

February 2015: The Foundation communicates funding decisions to applicants.

Mid-February 2015: The Foundation and grantees enter into contract.


E-mail questions[at]digitaltrustfoundation[dot]org. Please check the FAQ page before submitting your questions.