Funded Projects

The Foundation funded two projects that implement online privacy education campaigns for youth of different ages. Mass media campaigns can be a cost-effective way to change specific behaviors and social norms in a relatively large population. Our goal in funding these campaigns is to reinforce messages that youth may be hearing from their families, schools, and other institutions teaching online privacy.

All project summaries were written by grantees.

Grantee: California State University, Northridge
Project: A Youth-Driven Information Privacy Education Campaign

This project involves the development of a comprehensive and educational social marketing communications plan designed to help educate middle-school-aged youth about information use and abuse online. The goal is to enhance digital information literacy while developing critical thinking skills and creative communication skills for middle-school-aged children and the college undergraduates who will be working with them on this project. To complete the project, California State University, Northridge (CSUN) undergraduates will first learn about online privacy and digital literacy related issues. Under the guidance of CSUN professors, Dr. Kristen Walker and Dr. Tina Kiesler, the undergraduates will work with middle-school-aged youth in Los Angeles County to research and assess youth knowledge of issues they face online, develop potential solutions, and implement those solutions in an educational social media marketing campaign designed to enhance the digital literacy and responsible behavior of middle-school-aged youth.

Grantee: YTH
Project: Youth Online Digital Literacy Program

Our intervention aims to shift norms around online privacy consistent with desired behaviors among teens through peer-to-peer education and digital literacy information. Using a youth-centered participatory design approach, our proposed project will design and implement a national online privacy campaign that uses peer-generated video messages to influence existing beliefs and attitudes, as well as knowledge and awareness among youth through positive peer norms. Our campaign will target teens between the ages of 13-17 about online safety and privacy.